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Boyuk Bey Resuloglu

The most Prominent Leader of South Azerbaijan

Well-known poet and thinker Boyuk Resuloglu undoubtedly is the most prominent leader of Southern Azerbaijan. He

was born in Tebriz capital of southern Azerbaijan in1942 ( Devechi Gerov Ustu), finished elementary school in Rushdi primary School and secondary school in Urmu and Tebriz respectively. He studied Hydro-Soil Engineering in Turkey and returned back to Tebriz in 1970 while he was a PHD student for a vacation.

 He was arrested in Tebriz by Shah’s intelligent services (Savak) after only a few days of his arrival to his hometown on charges of Azerbaijani Nationalism and Pan Turkism. He spent some 30 months in jail.

After being released from jail he was never allowed to work in public sector therefore he had to find a job in private engineering companies. Incidentally his first job was in Muqeddem marageyi’s Engineering Consultant Company as a charter engineer. Marageyi shortly became governor general of East Azerbaijan in the early years of 1979 revolution.

Boyuk Resuloglu has had so many interviews with Varliq monthly of Tehran to raise awareness of Azerbaijanis to their national issues and he also is author of scores of books such as Azerbaijani Proverbs, His Poems , In my motherland’s path and …

He is father of four childeren Solmaz, Selcuq, Yashar and ………

Boyuk Resuloglu moved to Baku in 1994 along with his family and set up Committee for Protection of World Azerbaijanis Rights (CPWAR). Abulfezl Elchibey President of Azerbaijan Republic at the time, Isa Qenber leader of Yeni Musavat party and Parliament speaker and many other top official and politicians were also founding members of CPWAR. A worldwide organisation with representatives in America and almost all Major European countries. Ever since he has been one of the prime target of anti Turk Iranian fascist regime and his supporters neutralised scores of plots against his life. Despite reformist government in Tehran he is still receiving death threats every now and again.