Azerbaijani Turks Community in Britain




Issue 1

APRIL 2001


BY S. M.

According to the latest opinion poll carried out by ANS in Republic of Azerbaijan (Northern Azerbaijan) %76 of population believe Armenian armed forces will leave our occupied territories only if they are defeated by Azerbaijani army. They believe that Azerbaijan will not get a just peace out of negotiations mediated by OSCE.

There is a general feeling among Azerbaijanis of North that all peaceful avenues to regulate this conflict have been exhausted and it is time to rid the country of aggressors once and for all by force.

Armenians once were in control of Russian occupied part of Anatoly in early years of this century by massacring hundreds of thousands of Turks, ended up loosing absolutely everything and took refuge in Caucuses. It seems that they have not learnt their lessons and they are about to be drown in the same illusion.

Official Armenia’s recent territorial claim on Qars, Naxcivan and some parts of Georgia might suck strong Turkish army into the conflict and accelerate liberation of our occupied territories.

If war starts, recent national movement in Southern Azerbaijan can gain momentum and evolve into a considerable force. As a result tens of thousands of Volunteers will pour into Karabakh and resolve the conflict to their country’s advantage.

In order not to alienate Turks of Southern Azerbaijan any further and endanger her fragile stability Iran will think twice in helping Armenia militarily.

As a result the siege of Armenia will be complete and it will lead to her eventual defeat.

Armenian former president Terpetrossian once said that Azerbaijan had lost a battle not the war and she can make a strong comeback. Former Armenian security minister D. Shahnazariyan believes that if war breaks out Armenia will most definitely loose it.

Are the Armenian going to comply with UN resolutions and withdraw her armed forces from Azerbaijan and then negotiate for peaceful resolution of the conflict or face military defeat remains to be seen.



ANDF "Several days ago, Iranian president Muhammad Khatemi has given order to the special intelligence agencies on searching the activity of the South Azerbaijan press and socio-political figures", informed the press secretariat of the United Azerbaijan Union [BAB] by relying on the newspaper "Fajri Azerbaijan" published at the territory of South Azerbaijan of Iran. In the information is said that heads of South Azerbaijan Security Department did not deny giving of such order by the Iranian president. According to the source, Iranian special intelligence agencies intend to control not only the press organs published in South Azerbaijan and political organisations, but also political parties and press organs of North Azerbaijan. The newspaper "Fajri Azerbaijan" which is published in Tebriz city has stated that recently there has been held the meeting of South Azerbaijan Security Council and Yahya Mammadzade, governor of South Azerbaijan, has stressed at the meeting that the Iranian security system is in ruined condition. A high rang official of the Iranian security system that took part in the meeting has considered the task of the governors of providing security regardless of all problems in this fields.

The information says later, the newspaper "Shams Tebriz" has published an article stating the concern of official Tehran concerning the opinions on studying Azerbaijani language at the Iranian schools. According to that source, the newspaper suggests the South Azerbaijani Turks either to reject their mother tongue or release from captivity


Alim qasimov in southern Azerbaijan

Azeri Muqamat singer Alim Gasimov gave 10 concerts during his 5-day stay in Southern Azerbaijan and was asked another one on the divided town of Astara (Southern section). Invitations are pouring in from different Southern Azerbaijani cities an regions for hosting this great singer.


Says Armenian former minister of National Security D.Shahnazaryan.


"The United States that organises the meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Florida takes great responsibility. If the military operations begin again, this responsibility will lie on Washington", told to journalists David Shahnazaryan, former Armenian minister of national security, in Yerevan.

In his opinion (Agency "Turan"), any result of military operations will not in favor of the Armenian side. Armenia has gained everything that was possible to achieve by military operations. Even restoring the war by the Azerbaijani side will become Armenia to an aggressor and Azerbaijan to a state holding war for freedom.

Shahnazaryan has called non-serious the opinions of several political figures that the Armenian army will complete the new war in Baku. He stated that all the wars since 1945 up today have been finished with peace but not with capitulation. As to the Karabakh conflict, Shahnazaryan thinks that such an agreement will not in favour of Armenia.

There is a need to reliable allies besides army for holding a war. Shahnazaryan thinks that either Russia, Iran or the U.S. is not such an ally. In his opinion, if the war begins, this time, like in the previous war, Armenia will fight, but not Nagorno Karabakh. As to the Nagorno Karabakh problem itself, after 15 meetings of Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents, Baku has not changed its position, but Yerevan had to change it several times. He considered also non-serious the statements as if the meeting resources of both presidents have exhausted. "Robert Kocharian "counted" on the health of Azeri president in these meetings and is doing it now, too. Even the efforts of freezing the situation will, of course, cause beginning of military operations", stressed Shahnazaryan.

The former minister has called the wish of Armenia of not accepting Ankara as negotiating party besides Baku as a rough political mistake: "Today Armenia is putting forward its groundless claims without consideration. Nevertheless, Turkey has strong influence on Azerbaijan, has its regional interests and this is why, must take part in the talks". In his opinion, if Armenia does not do it, there will be raised question on the impeachment of the Armenian president. "A country should be governed by a president elected by the nation, but not by a person gaining the power forcefully and being a toy in the hands of other powers", stressed Shahnazaryan.


Another Turkish spy!!!

TEHRAN, March 15 (AFP) - Tehran's revolutionary court sentenced an Iranian man to eight years in prison on charges of "spying for foreigners" and for drug trafficking, a press report said Thursday.

The government-run Iran paper said Ismail Eftekhari was sentenced to five years in jail on the espionage charge and another three years imprisonment for "possessing and distributing drugs."

It said the revolutionary tribunal was in possession of "documented proof" that Eftekhari had travelled to Turkey on several occasions and provided "foreigners" with information on Iran.

He was also given a cash fine, the Iran paper said, without giving further details.

In February, Tehran judiciary chief Abbasali Alizadeh told reporters that a Turkish "spy" had been arrested and jailed two months earlier in Tehran.

He said the "spy" had been in possession of a dozen mobile phones, which he used alternately, adding that the judiciary was still investigating the case.

Relations between Tehran and Ankara are frequently tense, notably because of Israeli-Turkish rapprochement and Turkish incursions into northern Iraq and north-western Iran against Kurdish rebels.

But Turkish Foreign Minister Ismail Cem, who travelled to Tehran in February, affirmed at the end of his visit that relations had "entered a new phase."

ANAYURDUM: Iranian regime uses the term Turkish spy for Southern Azerbaijani activists .



Stated Azeri foreign minister Vilayat Quliev in his interview.

QUESTION [Q]- After the trilateral Paris meeting the French president Jacques Chirac has stated that he suppose there would be signed a peace agreement till the end of this year. President Heidar Aliev has stated that Paris meeting has not given any results. And Armenian foreign minister Vardan Oskanian said that there have been gained important progress at the Paris negotiations. What does all it mean?

Vilayat Quliev [V.Q]- President Aliev's statement on gaining no results at the Paris meeting reflects the reality. Armenia's coming out from the position of taking Upper Karabakh from Azerbaijan and unifying it to its territory has caused gaining no result at the Paris negotiations. It will be impossible to speak about any progress until Armenia stops its severe, non-constructive position at the negotiations. And the views of Jacques Chirac are simply his wish. France wants regulation of the conflict soon. And the views of my colleague Vardan Oskanian are declarative statement aimed to keep domestic stability in Armenia. There are increasing dissatisfaction from the policy run by Robert Kocharian in Armenia. Even recently some deputies of the Armenian parliament have demanded resignation of Kocharian, and stated that he takes the country to tragedy. Those rightly estimating the reality in Armenia understand well that without settlement of Upper Karabakh problem they can not achieve to revival, emigration will increase, occupant state image of Armenia in the region will always be obstacle for regional corporation and stability, and the country will not have any future outside of that corporation.

Q- The Azerbaijani side state the possibility of compromises in the regulation of the conflict. What should be understood by saying a compromise?

V.Q.- It can be compromises only towards giving higher self-government status to Nagorno Karabakh [NK] within providing territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, creating conditions for harmonic development of relations of NK with Armenia, and providing the security of NK Armenians. 3 claims -equal subjectivity of NK, not being NK in enclave situation, giving an international guarantee to the security of NK- put forward by the Armenian president Robert Kocharian are inadmissible for Azerbaijan. While NK has been occupied by Armenians de-facto, the world union recognises these lands as territories of the Azerbaijan Republic. Azerbaijan will use all the positive variants for providing its territorial integrity.

Q- How Azerbaijan will form its policy henceforth in connection with the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict?

V.Q.- We think that the potential of negotiations does not exhausted yet, political dialogue must be continued. Azerbaijan should take strong course basing on fair demands at the negotiations. Parallel to this, there must be increased attention to army building, raising military patriotism spirit, unifying the efforts of citizens towards the sovereignty of our country regardless of their opinions, and to the development of economy in the country. There should be held more intensive work with the international community. We expect constructive approach from the opposite party in the settlement of the conflict. If Armenia wants peace, the peace will be, and if war, the war will begin.

Putting on the parliament debate the suggestions of the OSCE Minsk group has caused re-actualisation of the views on the settlement of the conflict around NK in society. The discussions showed that the community is not so indifferent to the NK problem as think some people. Several political parties, public organisations do not exclude war besides supporting peaceful way in the regulation of the conflict. In his speech at the parliament Heidar Aliev stated that it is not excluded the regulation of the conflict by military way if the majority of society supports it.

Q- How important is the formation of national solidarity, citizen's union in Azerbaijan for the regulation of the conflict?

V.Q.- It is extremely important. It is not possible to achieve positive progress in the settlement of the question without unity. In fact, on the basis of defeat of Azerbaijan in this conflict stands the ability of unification of all the political forces, all the layers of society. This is why, it is extremely important the unification of everybody, all the layers of society around the authorities that regulate the conflict in the struggle for Karabakh.

Q- Will there be appealed to the UNO for forming military tribunal in connection with the participation of the Armenian armed forces, personally Robert Kocharian in military crimes against Azerbaijan, as well as peaceful residents of Khojali city?

V.Q.- There has been given information about the Khojali genocide to the international organisations several times. Actions in this direction will continue henceforth. It is already time to appeal officially to the Hague Court. Naturally, we should increase our efforts in this direction despite of the still existence of double standards.

Q- What is your opinion about the suggestions on raising the Azerbaijani-Turkish military partnership at a level of military union? Which document will there be signed during Aliev's visit to Turkey?

V.Q- Turkey is the only ally of Azerbaijan. Turkey is the only power that regularly supports Azerbaijan in NK conflict, renders financial and moral assistance to our nation and country, recognises Armenia as an occupant party, has not formed any diplomatic relations with this occupant state until now, and does not open its borders for this country. We highly appreciate this course of Turkey. Azerbaijan and Turkey have military partnership with each other both bilaterally and within the program of NATO on "Partnership for the sake of peace". In addition, in difference with Armenia, Azerbaijan excludes placing military forces and bases in its territory. The current form of military partnership satisfies Azerbaijan more. There will be discussed widely the military partnership among other issues during the visit of Aliev to Turkey.

<Turan/ newspaper "525-ci gazette", March 13 2001>



Hundreds of Azerbaijanis living in the UK celebrated Novruz on Sunday 18th of March. The over crowded hall in west London was host to joyful Azeris who dinned and danced all evening. Some part of the wall in northern section of the hall was covered by a huge Azerbaijani tri-coloured flag. Participants were entertained by live Azeri music and traditional cuisine. This event was reported by BBC Azeri section.

Another celebration was jointly organised by The Azerbaijan Centre in UK (AC) and The Azerbaijan Embassy on 22nd of March. More than fifty prominent Azeris were invited. Namik Kamranov of Azerbaijan Embassy and Yashar Tabrizli leader of AC greeted the guests by making a short speech. Celebration lasted for several hours.



Source: By Turan News Agency

17.03.01--BAKU--83 years have passed since the genocide of Azeris in Urmiya (Southern Azerbaijan). The Committee to Protect the Rights of Azeris spread a statement with this connection. The document says, in particular, the following: «Armenian bandits killed 10,000 innocent Azeris on March 17, 1918 before the very eyes of the U.S. Consul Shed, Russian Consul Nikitin, as well as missionaries from France, England and other countries.» The authors of the statement remind that those tragic events were described in details in the book «Urmiya - Territory of Zarathustra, The Prophet,» a book by Ali Dehgani, the eyewitness of those bloody events, who later headed the Department on Creation of Southern Azerbaijan. Rich information on the Urmiya genocide could also be found in the book by Mohammed Tamaddun «The History of Urmiya.» The events in Urmiya once again proved that the genocide of Azeris had a planned character, since Azeris were also slaughtered in Northern Azerbaijan (present day Republic of Azerbaijan) with the help of Bolsheviks under the pretence of combating counter-revolution. Tens of thousand of Azeris were killed in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba and other regions of Azerbaijan within a few days. The essence and methods of Armenian chauvinism, which has long been maturing the crazy idea of the so-called «Great Armenia,» hasn’t changed at the end of XX century. Armenians conducted ethnic cleansings in late 1980s and early 1990s on the territory of present day Armenia and neighbouring regions. The climax of this policy was the Khojali genocide in February 1992.



BAKU The Centre for Social and Strategic Studies and Analytical Research held presentation of its program on resolution of the Karabakh conflict. According to the director of the Centre, Anar Ali Polad, the project first of all envisions breaking all diplomatic relations with Armenia, strengthening the military and patriotic education in secondary and high schools, holding in shortest terms a propaganda campaign with the purpose of reaching psychological superiority before Armenia for future military victory. According to Mr Polad, one needs to conduct a number of military exercises in the regions which abut on Armenia.
By Shahin Kazimzade


Picket in front of Armenian Embassy in London

Vatan Society of Azerbaijanis living in London organised a picket in front of Armenian Embassy on Friday 2nd of March to commemorate 8th anniversary of Khojali massacre. Despite subzero temperature and bad weather about one hundred participated in the action and chanted anti Armenian slogans for several hours. They expressed their anger and frustration for continuation of occupation of over %20 of Republic of Azerbaijan (Northern Azerbaijan) by Armenian Armed forces. They demanded indictment of Armenian President as a war criminal who were commander of Armenian bandits of Karabakh at that time.

Members of Azerbaijani Turks Community actively participated in the action.


The Azerbaijani government has requested Ukraine that temporarily chairs the UN Security Council to put on discussion the question related with the execution of 4 resolutions of the UNO, which were adopted in 1993 on the regulation of Upper Karabakh conflict, in one of the sessions of the Council that will be held in recent days. Vilayat Guliyev, Azeri foreign minister, gave information about it to journalists. In his words, Ukraine has already stated that it approaches positive to the request. "Ukraine has principally agreed with it and recently the question will be discussed at the UN Security Council", stressed Mr.Guliyev.

It is notable that in the resolutions of the UN on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict has been stressed immediately liberating the occupied Azeri territories by the unified military forces.